New research published!

We are delighted to announce our new publication by Isabelle. Our focus in this study was on the dynamics of the IDTBT polymers with different polar content. Thanks to Christian Nielsen for realizing this project.
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New research published!

We are excited to share some of our latest research with you! Kejun investigated a new polypyrrole-based quasi-2D polymer and found different charge transport properties depending on temperature and distance regime.
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Marco and Basil defended their Master thesis at this year’s Mini Master Symposium

Today, our Master students Marco and Basil presented the results of their Master projects in this year’s Mini Master Symposium. Marco showed us his findings from spectro-electrochemistry on the novel semiconducting polymer PE2OE4 …

… while Basil presented his work on chemical doping of the glycolated organic semiconductor PBTTT. Thanks to you for the very nice presentations! You both did a fantastic job in the last year and we are very proud of you!

Introducing Dr. Kaila Yallum

We are thrilled to announce that Kaila successfully defended her PhD thesis on the spectroscopic investigation of non-fullerene acceptors! What a wonderful contribution to the field of organic photovoltaics!

Kaila and Isabelle present at MRS Fall Meeting in Boston

Kaila and Isabelle represented our group at this year’s MRS Fall Meeting in Boston. Kaila gave a talk about noise suppression in pump–probe spectroscopy while Isabelle presented her work on the enhancement of charge transport properties in organic mixed ionic-electronic conductors. Thanks to both of you for the wonderful talks!